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I offer photography services and instructional. I truly enjoy creating art and helping others expand their knowledge and technical skills.
Rates 2016

Each shoot has different requirements but to give you a general idea of my typical rate structure would be, the actual rate could be less or more depending on the complexity (or simplicity) of the project, day of week and any travel required.  Please feel free to contact me for a quote on your project at or call 706-244-4372


One Hour Session $175 weekday/$250 weekend (includes edited images)

Two Hour Session $300 weekday/$400 weekend (includes edited images)

Three Hour Session $400 weekday/$500 weekend (includes edited images)

Half Day Rate $400 weekday/$500 weekend plus editing costs

Full Day Rate $750 weekday/$900 weekend plus editing costs

Weddings Start at $1800 (Includes edited Images)

Photography rates include outdoors and studio fees, location fee is separate depending on travel amount and time.

Photography Instruction 1st hour $150 Additional hours $50/hour for hours 2-5
Hair & Make-up Artist $75 - $125
Retouching & Artwork $20 per image

Gift Certificates Available

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